Hello, I am Dimitris. An Athens based multi-disciplinary visual designer and art director, for more than 18 years creative experience in a huge range of client types and needs. From branding and logo development, through to conceptualizing, visuals, digital advertising, web-user interfaces and media design. I've been working with many of global clients including: Bayer, Coca-Cola, Ikea, CarFax, Gemalto, Ashland, Cordis, Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth, Procter & Gamble, Strand Life Sciences, Aegean Airlines, and many more.


Dimitris Evagelou (b. 1977) studied sketching, architectural design and illustration in Greece and Graphic Design in the UK, where he graduated with 1st class honors degree from the Staffordshire University in 2000.  After his honorary graduation he returned to Greece and worked in a series of design studios in Athens as a digital designer and art director. The artist's interest in promoting contemporary graphic design runs deep; Dimitris is the man behind 'Loopa Art', which started in the city of Volos, Greece. 'Loopa Art' was a place whose purpose was to produce and promote illustration and experimental design, and organize interesting and appealing art events. He was also the creator of Design is Good Studio in 2007. He collaborated with 'Theatre Technon' and 'Theatre Yp’Atmon' in the city of Larissa as a visual designer and scenographer. Today he is a Senior Art Director at Ogilvy Greece in Athens. He acts there as the catalyst between brands and their audiences as he leads the process of visual design, brand identity and website creation.